Good to Bad: Passing at 3,600 spurs per moment

The combination of Good and Bad has been portrayed in epic proportions since the beginning of time. It has since then been subject to evolution via syndication, variation, and most commonly up till our modern times through simplification. All the concepts of Good and Bad are equally opposite to each other, hence not making any different from the other in terms of substance. This piece will not wander through my perspective of Good and Bad. And trust me when I say the world does not need another person handing out a second hand definition to such basic knowledge. However, I chose to write this to share a revelation I had courtesy of my pseudo conscience. I have heard too often the overly used statements such as “Nobody is born bad” and “Bad to the bone”. As much as I have never found either of the statements quite true, I have wondered why people find the need to use them. Everyone and everything has a beginning; a neutral point of start with zero inclination. That brief spur of a moment where we are not accountable for any actions committed metaphysically. This is not my occasional jab at quantum mechanics so I will spare everyone any further detail on that.

The existence of Good or Bad never relies on the subject it channels through. The subject of any mass would be too insignificant to handle such dynamism. In other words nobody or nothing is that big a shit. However what really affects the existence of Good and Bad is the existing environment. From a spec to a star everything sums up to build the environment i speak of. Collectively it brings a pattern, a pattern that directs all process. The one interpretation of this process that we identify ourselves with is called the human life. So what is the human life? Is it a series of choice built on opting for Good or Bad? Perhaps it is about choosing about whether to order or get takeout for dinner. Or whether to watch a movie or skip to the good part where neither of you is watching why he left and want her back now because you are too busy screwing like there is no tomorrow. Either way whatever choices you make, vary upon a rating system between Good and Bad (‘excellent’ or ‘worst’ are simply superlative synonyms and we will not engage in grammar calibration).

I remember mentioning above that this would not be of the usual length of my writings, but it is seemingly getting there. And inevitably you will rate this attribute of my work within the scale of Good or Bad. Anyways, moving on, the environment I referred to earlier simply means that the pattern in which the process follows can either be Good or Bad, not both. And if history has not taught me wrong there is an overwhelming existence of bad in this world; and so we philosophize our best through the eyes of the greatest thinkers of our times. And my reference would include writers, critics, singers, musicians, actors, directors, composers, porn-stars, advertisers, politicians, priests, crooks, cops, and the list really does go on. Meaning the human life is on cruise control from day one en route towards ‘Bad’. And of course somewhere in the middle we look for road forks that lead elsewhere. The path of Good, an illusion to make us feel better about ourselves. Or perhaps an invisible element to our subconscious that requires us to rise above our environment, to warp in between dimensions, and to walk the path of Neo. Or perhaps we’re racing numbers 1 to 10 and Good being 0; the brief spur of moment I mentioned earlier on but did not care to explain.

  1. Maaheen said:

    Its kinda nice to be the first one to comment! :p
    getting down to business… i cant agree more when you say that good or bad is based on our environment, our surrounding, life. You have expressed the idea quite explicitly. i think i will stop telling you that you write well… this certain comment of mine (despite being true) is getting overly monotonous! 🙂

  2. Hasnain Hossain said:

    woo! 😀 now that was nice…i, however failed to identify the difference between u’r last article and this one…both seemed to be on par for me! i could understand what u might have been referring to however…whether its because i’ve been reading u’r articles or i could just relate better this time i can’t say. the vividly contrasting examples were spectacular, and u really drove it home in the last paragraph. ‘The path of Good, an illusion to make us feel better about ourselves’. something to keep everyone busy thinking eh? 😀

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