The Other Self, The Guest & I

The realm of the human life often wanders along the structured grid of reality, while simultaneously cross-stepping the labyrinth of the mind. If you have ever explored the layers and depths under the cascades of your own skin, you probably need no further coherence. However if you have not, and chances are, the latter applies to you, here is what I think I can explain. Every individual has three skeletal personas, much like a trinity. What you are is a unique balance within these three layers. I am not the acclaimed expert on psychology, and neither will I pose to be. What I will share next is strictly my opinion, and any relevance to your understanding will be as much a miracle as me finding a cure for denial.

Well first and foremost we have ‘the other self’.  Many would not call it natural selection as the standard practice is to select one self first and consolidate everything else around it. Well this clearly is not a panorama so pay attention. The other self is not necessarily a third element. It is the ideal form of what one plans to build itself to be. In other words it is the blue-print of what one tries to achieve. Its characteristics are most versatile and its potential are endless. It is often only subject to existing as a fragment of one’s imagination; and hardly ever is subject to actualization. Secondly, we have what I call ‘the guest’. The guest is the unknown perspective of the human realm. The guest is somewhat the outcome of what transpires towards the future. The guest rarely reflects the other self, and almost never follows suit with one over time. The guest is however the eventual form of one. Hence making them the same and not, both simultaneously. Last but never the least, what I call ‘I’. I represents the current state of one. I represents the most accurate form of the human realm and is constantly subject to change. It is most simply inspired by the other self and evolved into the guest.

Apart from all the philosophical yet uneducated definition of the human realm, what really intrigued me to write this is not to present a cheap mockery of some late night documentary from the Discovery Channel. Ever since I was a child I had recurring nightmares. As a child of course my primary instinct was to wake up as soon as I grew aware. As years went by the dream kept recurring. Of course with age grew my curiosity, and in time I began exploring this epic dream of mine. Having dreamed it recently only a little over an hour from now I could describe how the dream goes. It starts off with me starting into darkness. I would say a pitch black sky, a dry field and no wind (yes it is quite the opposite as to having dramatic winds with sound effects). As the dream progresses by seconds I get to see a person standing at far. This is where I would normally wake up as a child.

As time progresses in the dream, the darkness fades and all begins to illuminate. As the person standing at far becomes more visible, the distance shortens and I begin to struggle to get away. If you have ever tried to run while panicking in your dream, you obviously know the faster you try to run the slower you do. I soon cease to struggle and wait as the conclusion draws closer. In the process I begin to see what lies on either side. I see everything or everyone I ever cared for. I see all that was put into perspective while creating the other self. And somehow they all seem very distant. Like grains of sand they slip away into the oblivion, and the person on the other side draws nearer by the second. The finale arrives and by this time all on either side has vaporized and all the remains are the two of us. And finally the face of the other person reveals. It takes a few seconds longer before I recognize the face. It is me. It is the guest.

  1. Maaheen said:

    Ahad, this is an excellent piece. you never cease to surprise me with your writing…its like a new aspect of you jumps out with every piece…Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hasnain Hossain said:

    Nicely woven! How you manage to write about a seemingly mundane piece of observation in terms of intriguing metaphysical concepts is still beyond me, which is probably why I enjoy reading stuff like this immensely. I’d say it followed a coherent pattern, and was meant for thinkers, but if you want me to act as a critic, then I’d like to know the meaning, the implications of the last bit where you realize ‘I’ was looking at ‘The Guest’ 😀

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